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Private Jet Made for Billionaires

Okay, we’ve all fantasized about having our own personal private jet (have we not?). The private jet of your dreams probably has the kind of features we’ve only seen in movies, but they do exist for a lucky few.

The most expensive private plane/jet, and by all accounts the most exclusive on the Billionaire Luxury, belongs to businessman Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the grandson of King Abdulaziz, and a member of the Saudi royal family.  Ordinarily the Airbus A380 is the most expensive commercial aircraft available and currently sells at around $400 million. However the prince’s alterations will likely bring that price to over $500 million. Expected to be delivered this year, the luxury jet (already dubbed “The Flying Palace”) is said to contain a concert hall, hammam or Turkish bath, a Rolls-Royce garage, and a prayer room with electronic mats that automatically rotate to face Mecca no matter where the plane may be headed.

The $350 million Airbus A340-300 is currently the second most expensive billionaire private jet in existence. Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov owns the impressive vessel. Besides the spectacular exterior paint job, the plane carries the name Bourkhan after the owner’s father. It is currently the largest private plane in Russia (even bigger than the President Vladimir Putin’s Ilyushin Il-96!).

Of course, there are far more modestly priced celebrity planes out there, but we might as well focus on the most expensive flying creations. The private jet has always been the ultimate symbol of luxury. Why stop now?