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A Look at the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce 750

The newest addition to Lamborghini family has the rich and famous racing for joy. The company is only making 500 of the 2016 Aventador 750-4 Superveloce, and it nearly sold out at its reveal. The list no doubt features a host of car collecting billionaires and millionaires—such as Jay Leno or James Stunt. However, we don’t have access to the sales list. Only time will tell who scored one (or more) of these immaculate machines as they start popping up on the road.

The Superveloce is an improvement on the already prized and celebrated Aventador. It features new innovative technologies to increase the lightness and aerodynamics of the vehicle for the fastest ride yet. According to Lamborghini, the new V12 technology has decreased the weight by 110 pounds without sacrificing power. The car’s downforce is also up 170%. Add all this to the 0 to 60 mph in a couple seconds pick up everybody knows and loves.

Visually, the Superveloce (which is “super fast” in Italian), is like its predecessors but even more sleek and stylish—almost futuristic. It is amazing to think that a company like Lamborghini can still improve on an already cherished design without losing its signature sports car poster feel. The interior is equally stunning, with black microsuede throughout. It is also the first car to use the new carbon-fiber fabric Lamborghini refers to as “carbon skin.” The interior is supposed to be ultra soft, only adding to its decadence.

Ready to run out to buy one? This luxurious vehicle can be yours for around a half a million dollars.