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The 10 Most Expensive Cities for Prime Property 2015

Nothing screams luxury like owning a luxe home or apartment on a prime piece of real estate. According to The Wealth Report by Knight Frank, 1 million dollars doesn’t go very far. In the business of true luxury, hundreds of millions or billions are key. Here is the top ten list. Some may surprise you.

#10 Los Angeles 

Los Angeles boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the United States. If you want to get some prime real estate, expect to pay $1 million for 187 square feet.


#9 Paris 

Paris is always a good idea, right? If you want to live in this gorgeous European staple, it’ll run you $1 million for every 164 square feet of prime property.


#8 Shanghai 

China’s low prices in the business arena do not translate in real estate. A piece of prime property in Shanghai goes for about $1 million for 157 square feet.


#7 Sydney 

Ready to go down under? Be prepared to open your pocket book. It costs about $1 million for 134 square feet of luxury residential property.


#6 Geneva, Switzerland 

Switzerland has long been associated with luxe. Not surprisingly, it costs $1 million for about every 127 square feet in Geneva.


#5 Singapore 

Singapore tied with Geneva for $1 million per every 127 square feet of luxurious property.


#4 New York 

Oh, New York. The big apple comes with a big price tag. It costs $1 million for every 134 square feet of prime real estate.


#3 London

London is calling…from the bank. Luxury real estate spots go for about $1 million for every 68 square feet.


#2 Hong Kong 

China is ruling the real estate game. If you want a piece of prime luxury in Hong Kong, it’ll cost about $1 million for every 65 square feet.


#1 Monaco 

Finally, the leader on the most expensive cities for luxury property 2015 list is the luxurious principality of France fit for James Bond movies: Monaco. Every 55 square feet of prime real estate costs $1 million here.