Billionaire Luxury


The April Fools’ Prank Fit for a Billionaire

Did he or didn’t he? That’s what people are trying to figure out. Lululemon billionaire Chip Wilson has caused a fair amount of tension in Point Grey, a luxurious neighborhood in Vancouver, Canada. He’s wearing neighbors thin with the construction of his $58 million dollar home.

His mansion is one of the most expensive homes in British Columbia, a true testament to Billionaire Luxury. However, things got extra dicey this week when an official looking sign popped up. It says that he is building a floating heliport (helicopter pad) on the water in front of the home.

The sign is full of prank signs, from being called “Application NO. UFO41234” to being built by a engineering company called “A. Foolisch Engineering.” The best part is the phone number, which when dialed, says they’re unavailable till April 1, 2015.

Wilson is no stranger to stirring headlines. He resigned from the board of Lululemon in December 2013 following a series of PR blunders that shamed women’s bodies. “Quite frankly, some women’s bodies just actually don’t work,” he said in an interview addressing the product recall of super sheer pants.

Whether Wilson did this elaborate April Fools’ joke or if one of his neighbors decided to have a fun go at the billionaire is unclear. Either way, it’s a clever prank.