Billionaire Luxury


12 Million Dollar Solid Gold Crib

Created exclusively for billionaire children, the Suommo Dodo egg-shaped baby bassinet, by far the world’s most expensive crib, is surely a must-have for the most luxurious homes on the planet. The crib crafted from solid 24-carat gold costs $12 million and is clearly unlike any other baby crib. With glistening exterior and sumptuously padded interior, the pod-shaped crib’s oval form is supported upon a tall, solid gold stand.

Made in Spain, the Suommo Dodo baby bassinet is reportedly designed to mimic the comfort and tranquillity of a mother’s lap. While its limited-edition luxury status and breathtaking price tag render it the most expensive Suommo nursery accessory they have, there is a method in the seeming madness.

More than a luxury crib, this is an impressive modernist sculpture. Finishing touches, include a gold yarn changing mat and silk bedding. Still, its gleaming highlight remains the custom wheels and insignia, both of which are inlaid with diamonds.

A questionable investment for most but a surprisingly solid one for the children of the world’s elite.

For what this solid gold crib costs, you could pay for a good chunk of the kid's college tuition!