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What a TV That Costs $150,000 Looks Like

Sure, you could get a 152-inch 4K Panasonic television for a half a million dollars, but that may be too much—even for a billionaire. Don’t skimp on glitz and quality but still keep your purchase in a fair range with this $150,000 television.

The Samsung 110-inch TV debuted as Samsung’s most expensive product ever in 2013 in South Korea. If you’re wondering how large this television is, just look in your bedroom. It is about the size of a king-sized bed. That makes it perfect for a living room theater or small theater room.

Still not luxurious enough for you? You can always get a retractable television by C Seed for over $600,000. It is perfect for backyard and outdoor set ups. Just think about movie nights under the stars and the ultimate pool party with your bed-sized screen just feet away. If that isn’t deserving of a spot on Billionaire Luxury, we don’t know what is!

There are a plethora of other more expensive models but they often use fine metals and precious stones to bling up their televisions. Their glitzy prices aren’t directly related to the technology and size itself, so we say go for the quality and then bling it up later. After all, what good are diamonds on a TV? Wearing them is so much more fun.