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Special Edition iPhone 6 Becomes Most Expensive Smartphone

Billionaire Luxury covers all things luxurious and coveted, and there are few things more coveted than the newest iPhone. Every time a new edition comes out, people flock to stores and the Apple website. They figure out ways around their current upgrade contract terms. They pretty much lose their minds!

This past week marked the beginning of another bright Apple release with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. While the official numbers from this weekend haven’t been released just yet, a special iPhone 6 has already broken records as the most expensive smartphone ever sold.

To put this into perspective, this luxury edition costs more than 3,000 the original price. For 1.7 million pounds (which is 2.8 million in dollars!), an anonymous person commissioned an encrusted iPhone 6 from luxury designer Alexander Amosu. The phone is called “Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6.”

Most Expensive iPhone 6


What makes this phone so special? Well, it’s covered in solid 18 carat gold. As if that weren’t luxurious enough, the gold is encrusted with more than 6,100 diamonds. Then it has an Apple logo “decal” on the back made out of 51.29 carat gold.

When asked about why someone would commission such a piece, Amosu replied: “To have an exclusive phone that costs more than anyone else’s is like owning a Bentley as opposed to a Ford.”

The actual iPhone 6 only costs a couple hundred dollars, depending on your contract. It’s also incredibly light, lighter than most smartphones. It weighs 129 grams. The Amosu edition weighs a whopping 219 grams. Bling weighs a lot, after all. While it’s by no means heavy enough to get a good arm workout in while on the phone, the difference is noticeable.

With the great unveiling of the luxury iPhone 6, we can’t help wonder if anyone will add comparable bling to an iPhone 6 Plus and how much that would weigh and cost. In the mean time, let’s hope this anonymous buyer doesn’t have a habit of dropping phones.