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Most Expensive Domains

What are some of the most expensive domains ever purchased and how did they come to be? The answers might surprise you.

The most expensive national domain ever purchased is, which went for a cool $5m in 2000, placing it alongside, which sold for the same figure. Toys ‘R’ Us bought for $5.1m in 2009. It is the most expensive domain name of its kind but still trails slightly behind and, both purchased for a cool $5.5m.

Blown away yet? Remarkably, those domains don’t even make the top 10 most expensive domains!

Among the less savvy purchases would seem to be and which despite retailing for $7m and $9.9m are now blank pages. In contrast, and (which sold for $9.5m and $13m a piece) are still going strong. Meanwhile, and both rank high at $11.1m and $30.2m.

The most expensive domain sale recorded, however, wasn’t a gambling or porn site. It was the purchase of in 2007 for a blistering $35m. Even more incredible, is that owner Brian Sharples, founder of HomeAway’s admitted that he only bought the domain to stop Expedia getting it.

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