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Kohler Numi Toilet

At a cool $6,400, give or take a few dollars, the Kohler Numi toilet was always going to be considered an extravagance by the majority of consumers. What exactly is it regarding the tech specs that gives one of the most necessary of objects a luxury gadgets price tag?

The Numi toilet reputedly combines peerless design features with cutting edge technology and the very latest in engineering developments to bring you the finest standards in personal comfort and hygienic disposal. Its striking appearance and standard features including its unrivalled water efficiency ensure the Numi toilet ushers in a new standard of excellence in bathroom accessories and luxury gadgets.

In 2011, Wisconsin-based Kohler revealed the Numi, showcasing its standard features such as foot warmer, built-in music system, heated seat that automatically lifts and lowers, and personalized bidet functionality all controlled from an LCD touchscreen interface.

Now this most advanced waste disposal unit from Kohler has been updated to include several new and exclusive features, including Bluetooth receiver that streams audio from mobile devices, USB port to ensure timely software updates, SD card that accesses playlists or personalized messages, not to mention ambient lighting that features seven different choices of hues to make your mood lighting decision from.

The Numi is definitely not your basic seat-and-flusher combo — hence the not-so-basic price tag of $6,390. It is available from Amazon and other outlets.

Go to the restroom in style with the world's most expensive toilet by Kohler.