Billionaire Luxury


Gold PlayStation Supreme


Among the most expensive tech in the world, the Gold PlayStation Supreme,  like the Wii Supreme, boasts a 22k gold exterior accented with flawless diamonds uniquely designed and crafted by Stuart Hughes, the doyenne of gold-smothered, jewel-encrusted tech baubles.

Officially the most expensive PS3 in the world to date, twelve weeks of workmanship has gone into the fashioning of this bespoke console, only 3 of which are in existence. The main outer section has been re-covered with 1,600 grams of solid 22 carat gold, while both sides of the disc loading entrance have been set with 58 0.5 carat flawless diamonds, totalling 26 carats in all. Available as a limited edition, this most expensive tech accessory truly provides gaming for the one percent.

The world’s most expensive PS3 is retailing at £199,995—around US $323,000.

Hopefully no one will get angry and throw this PlayStation around....With only three in existence, it's no wonder how it became the world's most expensive PlayStation.