Billionaire Luxury


Diamond iPod Shuffle

The iDiamond iPod is currently the world’s most expensive MP3 player in the sphere of luxury gadgets. With accompanying earplugs made of solid, 18 carat white and pink-colored gold and encrusted with 430 diamonds, the iDiamond is a heavyweight entrant to Billionaire Luxury. So when it recently went up for sale at a charity auction in London with a price tag of £20,000, it led to the question: Who would buy such a thing?

Norwegian jeweler Thomas Heyerdahl, who based the MP3 player’s design on that of the Apple iPod shuffle, donated the finished product to auction in London. This solidified its position as one of the most expensive tech pieces on the market. After all, this unique accessory started off as a plain $79 dollar MP3 player. It is interesting to see how far jeweled can increase a gadget’s value.

The uber-bling music player went under the hammer at The Feast of Albion fundraising dinner. The iDiamond was part of an auction, which also included a chauffeur-driven Jaguar XJ and VIP tickets to see Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters perform Dark Side of the Moon for the final time.

Speaking about the iDiamond iPod, which has 118 diamonds in the headphones alone, Mr Heyerdahl maintained it would remain a unique creation.

You can really listen to your music in style with this expensive diamond encrusted Ipod shuffle designed by jeweler Thomas Heyerdahl.