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The Most Expensive Sneakers

How high are you willing to go for your high tops? These sneakers are outrageously expensive, which is why they deserve a home on Billionaire Luxury. Here are three of the most expensive sneakers of all time.

#3 Nike Air Mag: $37,500

Who knew that a pair of replica shoes would end up being one of the most expensive sneakers of all time? These of course are the replicas of the fictional shoes of Marty McFly on Back to the Future Part 2. In 2011, this shoe helped raise nearly $6 million for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The first pair of Nike Air Mags went to English rapper Tinie Tempah who paid $37,500 for the shoes. Of course, the replicas are missing the best part: power laces. “Great Scott!”

#2 Air Jordan 12: $100,000

Most Expensive Shoes

Drake and Jordan came together for these beauties while celebrating a brand collaboration. Models of the Air Jordan 10s and 12s were given to rapper Drake’s crew but two were gifted to fans on the side who promptly sold them on Ebay. The Air Jordan 12 sold on Ebay for $100,000 while the Air Jordan 10 sold for $20,000. The real question is if the buyers ever wear these or if they’re in a glass case somewhere!

#1 Air Yeezy 2 (Red October): $17,000,000

Most Expensive Shoes

This pair didn’t actually sell for $17 million. However, it was the feature of an Ebay auction that went terribly sideways. The all-red shoe is the result of the brief Kanye-Nike partnership that fizzled out surprisingly fast despite the anticipation and mystery around the shoe. While they normally run a couple thousand online these days (beware of knockoffs), one pair did reach millions after a bidding war went a little nuts.