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Most Expensive Halloween Costume

How much would you pay to have the best Halloween costume ever? Would you pay $100? $1,000? More? It’s no mystery that some of the more expensive costumes, like a quality Stormtrooper getup, cost over a grand. That’s why they’re usually purchased by collectors, super fans or people who dress up for tips at carnivals and landmarks like Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles.

Believe it or not, two costumes give whole new meaning to “most expensive Halloween costume.” They’re worth more than a house a piece, which makes them worthy of Billionaire Luxury.

The Human Slinky – $1 million 

Most Expensive Halloween Costume

via Ebay

The human slinky costume was hailed as the most expensive costume for a while. It appeared on Ebay and has received over 100 bidders but their bids have been turned down so it’s still on sale.

The Diamond Suit – $1.4 million

Morphsuits transform people into mummy-like figures of varying colors. They cover everything for a creepy or comical “who is that?” effect. The diamond morphsuit features 20,000 diamonds. It has so much bling, we can’t imagine anybody would ever want to wear it. The suit was made in a size large. Like other morphsuits, its occupant will be able to see and drink through the mask (though why would you want to pollute such expensive material).

AFG Media owns Morphsuits, the company responsible for the skin-tight line of costumes and the most expensive costume in the world. When asked about the suit, co-founder of AFG Media Gregor Lawson said, “I think the results were incredible. It’s something crazy, eye-catching and really good looking. There’s no doubting whoever wears it would certainly stand out.”