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Most Expensive Men’s Underwear: How Much Would You Pay For Boxers?

Give us the most expensive, luxurious line retail has to offer and we’re happy here at Billionaire Luxury. That’s why this item is especially interesting to us. Meet the most expensive pair of men’s underwear on the market: Hermes Woven boxers.

These carefully crafted boxers are so nice, they look like they could double as shorts. They are 100% woven cotton and feature a separate pouch for ultimate comfort and discretion. Other than that, however, it is unclear what warrants the $470 price tag.

In fact, the item is no longer for sale on the Hermes website. The company came under considerable criticism for the boxers when they debuted a couple years ago. Time even contacted the company in an attempt to figure out what Hermes believed set this paid a part. “We’re assuming they, at a minimum, come with built-in butt warmers” David Winograd joked in a Time blog post.

This pair of luxury underwear got us thinking. Are there some things that simply don’t warrant the extra cash? Underwear pieces get interesting things on them. They’re protectors of our nether regions and all that entails. What is the perk of such a purchase other than the ability to say that you did? (That would admittedly be a good conversation starter.)

Regardless of whether or not the super rich would stock up on such pricy underwear (they didn’t judging by how long this product lasted), we’re just surprised there were no memes about the garment. After all, somebody somewhere had to use the pick up line: “I’m wearing $470 boxers, by the way.”