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One of the Most Expensive Perfume Collections Unveiled

At the Singapore Grand Prix, one of the most expensive perfume collections of all time was unveiled. World of Diamonds, one of the top privately-held diamond corporations in the world created the collection with help from Spanish perfumery Cuarzo The Circle.

But enough of the build up. What’s it called and how much does it cost?! The Royale Dream is the collection in question. It is a palladium-plated, lambskin-lined ostrich egg encrusted in diamonds. It holds three small bottles of perfumes which are also covered in luxe. The egg also features a lambskin pillow with a blue diamond ring for good measure.

The Royale Dream was valued at $140,000 at the silent auction at Boudoir Noire, a VIP event at the Singapore Grand Prix. How much it actually sold for remains a mystery but check back. We will update this post as the news rolls in.

Is $140,000 a bit too steep for your paycheck? Then the most expensive perfume in the world might make you break a sweat: the DKNY Golden Delicious bottle for $1 million. Sure, it isn’t the actual perfume that costs so much. But that bottle features 183 yellow sapphires and 2,999 precious stones total!