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Black Friday Deals for Luxury Brands: Billionaire Budget Not Required

The holidays are here again. This can only mean one thing: sales! Before you spend all of your money on buying gifts for others, consider holding back this year for a little self-love. Treat yourself to luxury items you normally can’t afford to buy but want. Everybody deserves a treat now and again. Here are your best bets for luxury shopping this Black Friday.

1. Luxury Cars

Every year, Black Friday

Black Friday Luxury Sales

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kicks off a snowball effect through the likes of luxury car lines like Audi and BMW. The sales last through the holidays so you needn’t battle crowds while traveling to your nearest car dealership on Black Friday. We’re talking leasing-to-own and no down payment specials that don’t happen any other time of year!

2. Designer Boutiques

Luxury Brands Black Friday


While it’s much less common to walk into Chanel and expect to see a giant Black Friday sale banner (Coco wouldn’t approve), you can certainly enjoy luxury designer clothing from boutiques that carry upscale lines, such as Fred Siegel and Madison in Los Angeles, CA. The designer boutiques have been known to launch 20% and 30% discounts on their merchandise. And when merchandise is a pair of dreamy $400 jeans, us normals can use all the help we can get!

3. Department Stores

Black Friday Luxury Sales


Much like designer boutiques, but larger, high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms do have holiday sales like their more affordable counterparts. Best of all, you can score more than clothing specials. They sell luxury accessories, perfumes, make up and even hair products.

With the right amount of budgeting and planning, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a little luxury. Perhaps more importantly, holiday deals through the above avenues means we’re no longer doomed to knock offs or chaotic outlet malls—at least for one day.