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Would You Pay Half a Million Dollars to Go to This Year’s Super Bowl?










The 2015 Super Bowl is a familiar sight in a lot of ways. The Seahawks played (and defeated) the Broncos in 2014, and the New England Patriots are, well, the New England Patriots. They’ve been to the Super Bowl eight times now, joining the ranks of the Steelers and Cowboys for most Super Bowl appearances.

With all the familiarity going on this year, it should be no surprise that tickets are expensive. In fact, Super Bowl XLIX tickets are the most expensive Super Bowl tickets to date. The average resale price is around $6,400. What’s more, the price for a 30-second commercial spot is $4.5 million. Eating wings and chips with a six pack of beer doesn’t sound conventionally “luxurious” yet Super Bowl is a multi-billion dollar event of epic proportions. It should be no surprise that Vivid Seats has the ultimate Super Bowl package for an astounding $515,000.

Here is why it soars above the rest, and is arguably worth every penny. The “Ultimate VIP Weekend Package” is everything the name suggests, according to Lori Poticha, Sr. Manager, Packages & Hospitality at Vivid Seats. “[It] lives up to its name as an ultimate experience, with a meticulously curated four day experience spanning the best five-star luxury accommodations, private jets and exclusive industry party passes that are otherwise unavailable to the general public,” said Poticha.

The funny thing about this price tag is that it’s actually not that much when you consider the details, the most important of which is this: It’s for 30 people!

Super Bowl Packages 2015

According to Vivid Seats, $515,000 gets you:
- Private jet transportation to and from Phoenix for 30 travelers.
- 30 lower level sideline tickets to the Super Bowl.
- 15 double occupancy rooms at a luxury, five-star resort in Scottsdale (all five-star major resorts are otherwise sold out for both individuals and groups).
- 30 skybox passes at the Waste Management Phoenix Open PGA golf event, including private transportation.
- 30 exclusive party passes for the very best celebrity-filled Saturday Night events before the game.
- VIP admission to the annual Vivid Seats Game Day Tailgate at Shout House in the West Gate Entertainment District, which is steps from the stadium and includes a private meet and greet with the headlining celebrity guest.
- On-site personal concierge to ensure every Ultimate VIP enjoys a smooth and unforgettable luxury experience.

That’s a pretty great deal, considering it comes out to $17,166.67 per person and auctions on eBay (for tickets alone) are running as high as $16,062.50 per ticket. In this case, adding a little Billionaire Luxury to your life would actually save you money. Who knew?