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Spotlight: Most Expensive App Helps You Make Anything VIP











One of the most expensive mobile apps is called iVIP. The app offers “VIP treatment, lifestyle management [and] exotic luxury discovery” to its clients for a whopping $1,000 (well, $999.99 but we will let that penny slide). If you have that kind of cheddar to spend on a mobile app, it seems like a good call to stay in touch with all things luxurious. So, what exactly does the most expensive app offer? Here are some examples.

VIP Treatment

iVIP comes with complimentary upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packs and tongs of other goodies from their partners. Free champagne and gift boxes are just some of the surprises. You’re not just an app downloader but a member when you have iVIP. Your membership entitles you to exclusives, including offers that are unavailable elsewhere.

Lifestyle Management

Have you ever been on vacation or staying at a fabulous hotel and when you needed reservations or help with what to do that evening, you could call the concierge and things would be taken care of for you? iVIP makes vacation everyday with its on-demand concierge service.

Exotic Luxury Discovery

Just in case you cannot get enough of Billionaire Luxury, you can carry it around with you in app form! Well, figuratively. (We’re not associated with the iVIP app in any way.) With iVIP, you get “access to a curated collection of the world’s finest brands, venues and services with unique, individually negotiated privileges for iVIP members at each…”

The app is often called “The Millionaire’s App.” Whether or not it’d be worth the expense for someone without a couple million dollars in the bank isn’t clear. Whether or not the app makes good on all of its claims is also unclear. Perhaps it’s the price tag or the busy schedules of their clients, but iVIP has not received enough ratings on iTunes to display an average rating.