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Most Expensive Luxury Gifts on the Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog

For the last 87 years, Neiman Marcus has released a yearly holiday gift catalog quipped with extravagant presents only millionaires and billionaires can truly enjoy. This year, the 88th edition didn’t disappoint. Here are the three most expensive items from the catalog.

3. Racetrack

Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas

via Daytona Daily News

This is a lot of money to drop, but for the wealthy race car fan, it’s probably worth it. For $300,000 you can get an authentic 1:32 scale model of the track of your choice. Cameras even film the action and display in on mini screens. It’s the ultimate toy for adults. But wait! Like any good race track, you’ll need an inaugural day party to mark the occasion. Actual race legends will co-host said party!


2. Vanity Fair Academy Awards Experience

Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas

via Neiman Marcus

Do you have dreams of being an A-list actor? For $425,000 you can attend the Oscars like an old pro. The experience includes a 3 night stay at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, drinks at the Sunset Tower, dinner at Chateau Marmont and a pre-awards spa day with hair, makeup, wardrobe styling and jewelry loan so you’ll be red-carpet ready. Finally, your night ends at the famous Vanity Fair Party where you can rub shoulders with Oscar winners and Hollywood elite.


1. Your Own Scent

Most Expensive Neiman Marcus Holiday Gifts

via Neiman Marcus

Nothing screams luxury like a signature scent. This gift includes two first class tickets to Paris, France to meet with master perfumer Olivier Creed to make a custom scent to suit you perfectly.  While you’re visiting, you’ll enjoy five-star accommodations, private car service, private tours and other special luxury experiences to top off the trip. A couple months after you return home from your fabulous vacation, you’ll receive 24 14-karat gold-gilded six-liter flacons and 12 14-karat gold-accented leather atomizers with your very own custom fragrance.

We don’t know about you, but we’re absolutely sold on these gift ideas (especially 1 and 2).