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The Most Luxurious Bunker in the World

Remember that episode of The Simpsons when the world is supposed to end and everybody wants to crowd into a bunker? One of the most recent videos on Forbes echoes that sentiment in an odd way—except it’s real life. And this is no bunker for the everyman. It’s a billionaire’s bunker.

Somewhere in the Czech Republic is a billionaire sanctuary from world war, economic collapse, global warming, and even the zombie apocalypse. It’s called The Oppidum, and it’s being marketed as the most luxurious and lavish refuge in the world.

So what makes The Oppidum so special? For starters, it’s a masterful 323,000 square feet. It includes a 6,750 sq. ft. apartment and six 1,720 sq. ft. apartments. Too worried about the end of days? Don’t worry. You can relax at the full spa. Feeling a little cramped under ground? It’s okay. There is a state of the art fitness center. There are also bars, pool tables, game rooms, art rooms to store prized cultural possessions and more. It even has supplies to live a perfectly healthy luxurious life for ten years without needing outside help.

Different nuggets of wisdom have told us that money cannot buy love; it cannot buy happiness. This bunker shows that while that may be true at times, it can certainly buy comforts and different levels of safety!

Who will live there? Billionaire Luxury doesn’t know, but we’d love to be on the guest list. You can view the video here.