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The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Meal: Adding Luxury to Classic Dishes

Thanksgiving is the one time a year Americans actually celebrate overeating. Although we are known for indulging year-round, we know it’s not exactly “okay.” But it’s expected on this holiday. The food, laughs and Tryptophan comas on the couch are all part of the experience.

While there have been imitators, the honor of the most expensive Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant still goes to the now-closed Cafe Gray in New York City. The Time Warner Building restaurant was famous for serving one of the most expensive holiday dinners in the country, with lemon thyme turkey, lobster and caviar just some of the items on the menu. A normal seat at the restaurant ran $500 back in 2007, while sitting at the chef’s table cost nearly $900 per person!

Of course, most of us eat at home during the holidays and Cafe Gray is just a distant memory. Here are four ways you can add some Cafe Gray luxury to your meal this year.

High-Quality Turkey

Williams Sonoma and Whole Foods are known for being pricy markets. They offer free-range, organic and hormone-free turkeys. They’re fresh, not frozen and will feed about 20 to 30 people, depending on how much it weighs. Cost: $100 – $200.

Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Nothing adds decadence and flavor to a dish like black truffles and garlic. Add some black truffles to your holiday potatoes for an unforgettable side you’ll want to serve again (and again). Cost: $40 per ounce.

Fois Gras Stuffing

Fois Gras is the foodie-favorite ingredient (if you eat meat) that everyone feels guilty about eating but can’t help enjoy. If you’re a fan or interested in trying it, duck liver goes well with starches and carbs. You can purchase some at Sur la Table. Cost: $150 plus $35 shipping.

Port Cranberry Sauce

Puree or mash organic cranberries and add raw sugar, a cup of quality port and a cup of Grand Marnier for a game-changing sauce. Cost: About $13 per serving.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a good old family recipe. Tradition is often the most valuable luxury of all.