Billionaire Luxury


Most Expensive Manicure: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Hand

The most expensive manicure is a Cherish…Me special called the “Iced Manicure.” Cherish Angula heads the brand that provides the service. She is based in London, but wealthy women don’t need to travel to the UK to get their exclusive nail service. The exceptional Cherish…Me team travels worldwide to perform it.

Diamond ManicureAdding even more exclusivity to the luxury accessories industry, this service will run you about $51,000 US. It includes maintenance service and removal. After the diamonds are removed, they are used in a piece of jewelry you get to keep.


Notable features:

  • The diamonds are certified non-conflict.
  • 10 carats.
  • Treatment is performed in the comfort of your home or another location you request.
  • Cherish promises the utmost privacy and professionalism.


The very exclusive clientele of this nail service includes royalty and socialites. It doesn’t get more Billionaire Luxury than that.