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Most Expensive Dog Hotel: How Much Would You Spend for Your Pooch?

When you leave for business or vacation, you want to know your dogs are safe and happy. Some times, leaving them with a friend won’t do. Some people want the extra peace of mind and pampering. And when they do, they go to the Pooch Hotel. There are several locations throughout the United States, most of them in California. The honor of most expensive doggie hotel room in the country goes to their Palace Suites.

Most Expensive Dog Hotel


The Palace Suites include a full-size raised bed with luxurious bedding! Each suite runs more than $100 per night per pet. Yes, that’s per pet. Even if you have a few of your furry kids sleep in the same suite, it’ll run you a pretty penny.

Despite the cost, Pooch Hotel owner Robin Tomb says the Palace Suites are almost always at 99% capacity.

“We had a couple leave their three dogs for 17 days at $300 per night in the Palace Suite,” Tomb told Forbes. “At the end, including extra amenities like baths, the bill was upwards of $4,000. And they said it was worth it for peace of mind.” (This client paid this in 2010. Can you imagine what the rates are like now?)

Baths aren’t the only extra amenities! The Pooch Hotel also has extras like limo service to pick up and drop off your dogs, a treadmill, a swimming pool, a therapeutic underwater treadmill and a full “Spaw.” At the Spaw, dogs can enjoy aromatherapy baths, facials, pawdicures, grooming and fur coloring.

Interested in giving it a try? You can see their full amenities at their website. You don’t have to be a billionaire, but a little extra money in the bank won’t hurt.

Did you know…

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans will spend an estimated $58.51 billion on their pets.