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In Defense of the Most Expensive Comic in the World






Billionaire Luxury is going to lay down the truth to you: Most of the world’s “most expensive” items are the most expensive for silly reasons, like adding diamonds or gold. Yes, you can make the world’s most expensive sushi roll by adding edible gold, for example, but that doesn’t mean the roll itself is anything special or particularly tasty. You can encrust an iPhone in every fine metal and rare stone possible but at the end of the day, it’s still an iPhone—and so on.

The bulk of the items we feature kind of cheat in that respect. But what about items that are worth money without the glitz and glamour of diamonds, rubies, gold or platinum? This week was New York Comic Con. Like most of the other comic cons in the country, it isn’t quite the same as San Diego’s (and they’ve attempted to sue plenty of people as a result).

While San Diego is the staple and best for so many in the comic community, a notable phenomenon does happen at these other comic cons: room. There’s less entertainment and cosplay. There are fewer crowds. You get to truly enjoy the exhibits without getting caught up in a sort of comic book version of Disneyland. So, why are we telling you this?

Most Expensive Comic Book

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The New York Comic Con had a true celebrity present for one day and one day only: the most expensive comic book in the world. It sat in a case to be ogled: a mint condition plastic-wrapped issue of Action Comics #1. In case you didn’t know, this particular issue sold for a record-breaking $3.2 million this summer.

Action Comics #1 isn’t the most expensive comic book in the world because it’s encrusted in precious stones. It’s worth that much because it features Superman’s debut. The book came out in 1938. The running price for this multi-million dollar book in its prime? A dime. The value inflation of collectibles is probably the most outrageous among luxury items, but there’s good reason: sentimental value.

People are passionate about collector items, whether your bag is comics or stamps. Nothing elicits intensity quite like them. The most expensive comic book in the world is just paper and it looks like any other book. But it’s also a piece of history, arguably something that no fine metal can replicate.