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Most Expensive Coffee in the World: Cruel, Gross or Amazing?

Here at Billionaire Luxury, we’re never at a loss for words when it comes to the outrageous, most expensive goods and experiences in the world. But this definitely gets pretty close.

The most expensive coffee in the world is kopi luwak, which comes from the droppings of the civet cat. Plantation workers discovered the brilliant effects of the civet digestive system in colonized Indonesia.

Coffee beans are actually the seeds of a type of cherry-like fruit that grows on trees. Indonesian plantation workers weren’t allowed to pick the cherries off the trees, so they took to picking the beans out of the droppings of wild civets that ingested the cherries regularly. They’d clean and roast them, discovering that the flavor was rich, smooth and all around delicious.

Kopi LuwakToday, the specialty coffee, which costs anywhere from $30 to $100 in cities like London and New York, is produced en masse. This means that civets are kept in cages to produce the wonder beans. This is to guarantee production but also to monitor the, uh, freshness of the feces.

Many are calling for a boycott in a campaign called “Kopi Luwac: Cut the Crap.” Still, some even pricier varieties claim to be caught from wild, cage-free civets. One such blend is available at Harrods in London. It comes wrapped in silver in a gold-plated bag. It’s also more than $10,000, making it truly luxurious. (And people say Starbucks is expensive!)

What do you think about kopi luwak? Is this practice cruel? And whether or not you support its production methods, would you like to experience a coffee that comes out of an animal’s rear?

Made with the poop of civet cats, the world's most expensive coffee is...a little gross. Some people even call it cruel. Find out where they got the idea for this unique, luxurious beverage.