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Is This Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Meal?

Last year brought an array of new luxurious treats for billionaires all over the world to savor and celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Will 2015 top it? The big day is less than two weeks away and the winner of the most expensive Valentine’s Day dinner still goes to VeryFirstTo.

VeryFirstTo, a London-based company, has the ultimate Valentine’s Day dinner for $99,300. For that price, a Michelin-starred chef will cook the ultimate romantic meal in your home.

The meal is tailored to the client and includes a whole range luxury goods, including truffles, Wagyu beef, duck eggs and the finest wines. After all, an eight course meal is not complete without wine!

You may be wondering what is so romantic about this private dinner that qualifies it as the most expensive Valentine’s Day meal. There’s so much more. The meal comes with a harpist, a poet and doves to set the classy, romantic and all-around fancy dining experience that only $99,300 can buy.