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The World’s Most Expensive Bath Takes Purification Literally

It’ll cost you about $11,000 to take in some restful relaxation time in the world’s most expensive spa bath experience: the Evian soak at Hotel Victor in Miami, Florida. Although the bath itself only costs $5,000—the sumptuous soak in 1000 liters of Evian water is only offered in the penthouse suite, which runs $6,000 per night. Ironically, this extravagant bath is just a drop in the bucket for billionaires.


World’s Most Expensive Bath at a Glance:

  • It costs about $5 a liter.
  • Gerber Daisies float in the water to stimulate the senses.
  • Candles light up the room in a rejuvenating glow.
  • You’re served a menu of nibbles to indulge in, such as smoked salmon, foie gras and the hotel’s famous Seven Sins of Chocolate.
  • You can select additional treatments to enjoy before or after your service, such as a massage or facial.

Tell Billionaire Luxury: Would you pay 5K for an Evian bath if you had the money to spare?

It would probably be less expensive to fill your bathtub with $5 bills. This Evian bath is luxurious enough to get the dirtiest of billionaires clean.