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Most Expensive Chocolate Easter Bunny

How much chocolate is too much? Or perhaps more importantly, how much money is too much money to spend on chocolate? The company that brought us the world’s most expensive ginger bread house has done it again, just in time for Easter.

Say hello to the most expensive chocolate Easter bunny. The handcrafted rabbit is made from 11 pounds of luxurious Tanzanian chocolate and boasts diamond eyes. It costs a jaw-dropping $49,000 and took former Harrods decor chef Martin Chiffers two days to sculpt. What’s more, the only thing steeper than the cost is the chocolate bunny’s caloric value. It is a decadent 584,000 calories!

Not convinced by its value or wow factor? To sweeten the deal (pun intended), the most expensive chocolate Easter bunny comes with three fancy chocolate eggs. The eggs are decorated with gold leaf and two diamonds (provided by the retailer 77 Diamonds). They are valued at $37,400.

Easter is one of the highest-earning holidays for candy companies and makers, rivaled only by Halloween. In fact, Easter candy sales broke records in 2014, with an estimated $2.3 billion in sales. With a bunny like this on the line, the pastel-loving, egg-hunting holiday could stop its spooky competitor right in its trick or treating tracks.