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Most Expensive Art: Christie’s to Sell Modigliani Nude

The prices for art continue to soar, as Christie’s plans to auction off a prized Modigliani painting. The 1917 nude painting is called “Nu Couché,” which translates to “Reclining Nude” in English. The painting shows a nude woman lying on red material.

Christie’s plans to auction the painting for $100 million on November 9, 2015, though it may pull in just under or over the projected amount. This comes after the auction house broke all-time records this spring with its sale of Picasso’s Women of Algiers for an astounding $179,365,00. With the record breaker and earnings from a few dozen other artworks, Christie’s broke $1 billion in sales that week.

To put the prices of these paintings into perspective: The most expensive painting auctioned off in 2010 was a Modigliani nude. It sold for $69 million by Sotheby’s. Many anticipate that high-ticket art sales will remain steady in a forward momentum. This is due to the long-term value of these types of paintings. “I think we will continue to see the financiers seeking these works out as they would a blue chip company that pays reliable dividend for years to come,” Sarah Lichtman told the Associated Press. Lichtman is a professor of design history and curatorial studies at The New School.

Modigliani won’t be the only treasure at the highly anticipated November 9th Christie’s auction. It will also feature a couple dozen works by artists like Warhol, Picasso and Giacometti.