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The Ultimate Coin Collection

For some people, coin collections are reserved for odd life contemplations while watching infomercials at 4 am on a Tuesday. (Or so we assume. We’re not naming any names!) But for coin collectors, gathering bits of economic history is an art and serious business. In fact, it’s so serious, the most expensive coin collection sold for $44,900,000 over three auctions!

Most Expensive Coin Collection


Like everything featured on Billionaire Luxury, this no ordinary collection. It belonged to Baltimore banker and financier Louis E. Eliasberd Sr. (1896 – 1976) who did something that had never been done before. He collected one of every major American coin from 1703 to 1933, including standard-issue coins and mint varieties.

His coin collecting venture was so groundbreaking that Eliasberg was featured in LIFE Magazine. He most notably paid $100,000 for the Clapp coin collection in 1942. If you account for inflation, that’s a whopping $1.5 million today.

The Eliasberg Collection sold over three auctions in 1982, 1996 and 1997 at Bowers and Merena Galleries in New Hampshire. It reminds a Guinness Book of World Record’s title holder and the most famous coin collection in American history.