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Most Expensive Christmas Decorations






It’s Thanksgiving weekend, which means it’s time to bond with family and eat a ton of food. It’s also time to start planning for for the holidays, whether by decorating or catching some great deals on gifts.

In case you were wondering if you should add a little something extra to your Christmas decor, here are the most expensive Christmas decorations!


The Most Expensive Wreath (Maybe don’t put this one on your front door.)

The most expensive wreath in the world is valued at $4.6 million. It mixes the usual festive greenery and zest with rubies and diamonds. (Pictured above.)


The Nativity Scene With Bling

Bergdorf Goodman sells this table-top nativity set that’s painted with gold and covered with Swarovski crystals. It “only” costs about $3400.

Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

via Bergdorf Goodman


Couture Christmas Tree Skirt

The Christmas tree skirt is an odd accessory. Technically it’s a decoration, usually a red fluffy skirt to put at the base of a tree where the presents go. It’s festive looking and also catches pine needles. They usually cost a few bucks, but you can go luxe with this skirt (pictured below) from Neiman Marcus.  The gold velvet skirt is embroidered with gold silk and detailed with Swarovski crystals. It costs almost $2K.

Luxury Christmas Decorations

via Neiman Marcus







Would you go the extra mile to decorate your home with these luxe Christmas decorations? We at Billionaire Luxury would rather spend the money on more gifts… for ourselves. But that’s just us. Happy holiday decorating.